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What are these UF challenges?
How do challenges work and how can I participate?
Can I help promoting the challenges in some way?
What if I have an idea for a future challenge?

You can find all this information and more in the Ultra Fractal challenges FAQ, which is also part of our very first UF challenge, the one for February 2011.
If you already know the rules, then you're good to go - read on for this month's challenge!

Previous editions:

You can find all of the previous challenges in this journal. Please keep in mind that the challenge rules changed after the 26th edition!

Links to ALL UF challenges (updated periodically!)Since the UF challenges are growing in number, instead of linking them all in each new one, I thought I'd make a collection journal for all of them. This will contain all challenges held so far, from the newest (top) to the oldest (bottom), all conveniently thumbed for you! It will also be updated each month so that ALL challenges are reachable from here, even the newer ones. And this journal will of course be linked in every challenge, to keep them all connected :aww:
Here we go!

Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux! Vol. 41 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux ~ Vol. 40 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux ~ Vol. 39 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux ~ Vol. 38 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux ~ Vol. 37 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux ~ Vol. 36 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux - Vol. 35 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux - Vol. 34 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux - Vol. 33 by heavenriver

Now we can go on with the last challenge's results, and then I will introduce this month's challenge to you all.

Here is the September challenge, and the deviations I've picked as the winners!
(Please note: do not feel offended if your fractals haven't been picked. Winners are chosen basing on their way of representing the challenge theme, and I always try to be as impartial as possible while judging.)

The winner of the Formula challenge is StottyK with Breakout:

Breakout by StottyK

The fighting pixels, swirling against one another to gain the spotlight in this artwork, do more than justice to its title. Well executed, dynamic, and varied but not too aggressive on the eye, this is definitely not the kind of shape you'd expect from a Talis - and yet it's right here, before our eyes.

The winner of the Theme challenge is FractalEyes with Climate Change:

Climate Change by FractalEyes

The harshness of this piece of work is staggering: it looks like a mountain landscape as seen from above, completely dry and devoid of water. It makes the observer reflect, and perhaps even worry, about the climate conditions we live in. The artist has done an excellent job conveying the complex concept it represents in a simple, straightforward way!

The winner of the Style challenge is Velvet--Glove with The Illusory Leaf:

The Illusory Leaf by Velvet--Glove

The amazing optical illusion in this is a faint, slow dance between the petals of the imaginary flower, that tilts slightly from the core, first towards the left and then the right, seemingly zooming in and out rhythmically. A wonderful piece, which would impress even the optical artists of bygone times.

All other entrants deserve a feature just the same, so here they are for you to see!

Redux Sept15 Talis 1 by Gerda1946 Redux Sept15 Talis 2 by Gerda1946 UF-Chall 56 - Talis by Lupsiberg Archery Contest Bulls Eye by Ampelosa Talis Arrangiert Dunne Rechteche by Ampelosa Nocturnal Hurricane by Ampelosa Cockfight with a Rabid Walrus by Ampelosa Sun Collides with Red Giants by Ampelosa Hubris Finally Meets Reality by Ampelosa Redux Sept15 - Op-art by Gerda1946 Redux Sept15 - Gnarl Fun by Gerda1946 Redux Sept15 - Playing the Piano by Gerda1946 UF-Chall 56 - Op art by Lupsiberg Guppy Visits the Mad Hatter's Attic by FractalEyes Optics by StottyK Kalleidotessalated by Ampelosa Nightlife in Kenmore Square by Ampelosa Flower Vendor's Boogie by Ampelosa

We're done for September. On to October!

Ultra Fractal monthly challenges Redux

Challenge #57: October 2015

October's Formula challenge will be the Some Kind of Halloween challenge!
In honour of the upcoming Halloween, all fractals entered in this challenge must use formulas beginning with H exclusively. This applies to fractal formulas, colouring algorithms, and mappings. Everything is permitted, so long as its beginning letter is H. (If there are several words in the title, it is sufficient that the first of the words start with H.) Many of these formulas are unheard of, which is an excellent excuse to explore them!

October's Theme challenge will be the Miracles challenge!
Whether you believe in miracles or not, have you ever had something absolutely extraordinary happening to you, or wished it would happen? Or perhaps you would rather focus on something which would be amazingly beneficial for humanity in its whole, so beneficial it would almost be miraculous, like world peace? Now translate that into a fractal as well as you can, and you're done. Entrants here will be prized both for concept and execution, so give it your best shot.

October's Other challenge will be the Orange Crush challenge!
The "theme" of this challenge is orange. Every single fractal entering it must have orange as its main (or only) colour. Other colours allowed include the shades close to it, such as brown or red, and of course, black and white are permitted as well. However, the fractal in its entirety must be inequivocably identifiable as "orange". Like a pumpkin! :)

Remember: to enter each challenge, post your deviation's link and thumb in a comment of this journal, and specify which challenge you are entering the fractal in. ALSO: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU LINK THIS NEWS ARTICLE IN THE DEVIATION!

Please spread the word by advertising this news article - we definitely want more participants. The more, the merrier!

This challenge's deadline is October 31st, 2015. Ready, set, GO!!! :eager:

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Please check out the fractal art of these talented fractalists. :love:

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